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FREE SAMPLES: Tubular Bells

Download free from Bandcamp (no email address needed) This was a fun opportunity. Sampling tubular bells! The sustain on these things was fairly insane! I tapped each bell with roughly the same amount of force (chime hammer). The 18 bells go from C1 to F2.They were recorded in Mono using a Shure SM57 with a …

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FREE SAMPLES: Linn LM-1 Drum Computer Samples (with bonus cassette tape capture)

I plan to release a range of presets, impulse responses, synth, and drum samples as well as field recordings and various other assets for your music making journey. You can use these royalty-free for any releases: free or commercial. All I ask is that you don’t sell them or redistribute them without asking first. Crediting …

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Empty Triangles 1.0 Voted Album of the Year for 2021

It was awesome to begin 2022 with the news that electro-loving Native DSD listeners voted Empty Triangles as their Album of the Year 2021 A huge thanks to those who have listened, reviewed and voted for the album! I’m thrilled with the news. Empty Triangles on NativeDSD

Moving Forward…

Nobody expected the 2020 we would all have. I am realistically suspicious that 2021 won’t be much better in terms of political drama, pandemics, and the cost of living for many of us. When I wrote Surviving on Borrowed Time which released at the end of 2019, my aim was to compose a dystopian adventure …

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Open-Source Photography?

Decided it was time to give back to those I take from so you’ll now find some photography work I’ve done available for free and commercial purposes. I will continue to upload once I’ve gone through my backlog of photography work over the last decade or so. Check out the collection at Pexels