Presenting HELIXIRx – sounds of the 80s with a modern twist!

A change of pace as I take a little bit of time out of doing the usual progressive rock stuff. I’ve been composing some synthwave/synthpop under the artist HELIXIRx and have also had the role of the retro art and various collaborations. The debut album Authenticity is due October 2020 and features 14 catchy tracks. The album will be released via streaming services and as a CD. The analog version of the album will be given a ‘retro’ tape master and will be transferred to Direct Stream Digital and released later this year.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Trevor Horn. In my opinion, The Buggles were a very underrated act whose brilliance was overshadowed by their hit Video Killed the Radio-Star. The album Age of Plastic is in-fact one of my desert island discs. Growing up and loving 80s music and the culture and visuals that surrounds the decade; I found that everything Horn, and Geoffrey Downs touched was pleasure to my ears. As a huge fan of prog-rockers YES, my journey into synthesiser-based pop was always inevitable, but I never found a true outlet despite my long-lasting love for retro synthesisers and analog equipment.

As a result, it was only natural I’d enjoy anything that resembles, clones or pays tribute to that era.

With Covid19 giving me endless boredom as a bit of a joke I started doing some retro music with cheesy effects. Eventually it led to me becoming a bit more serious about making everything glue together perfectly. There are at least 40 tracks I scrapped in the process. Countless hours wasted until I decided I wanted to pursue the ‘good’ tracks further and the result is Authenticity.

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