Checking in!

A photo of Stanley, just for attention. There was really nothing else one could put here.

It has been a while since I have been this busy (a.k.a not being a lazy shit)

I’ve been designing and working on a desktop/mobile application which will be revealed soon. I’ve also finally decided to push forward with the second album – the sequel to Surviving on Borrowed Time. I had written and recorded last year – and now the completed (in my opinion) tracks are off to Alan at IvoryFlyer in the Isle of Wight. I think he did a great job of the last release so I have entrusted him to take on the sequel as producer this time around rather than just mixing and mastering.

It’s a heavy album. That’s all I can really think of in terms of description.

The support has been incredible from everyone around the world. There are people listening in places I never dreamed of reaching and I’ve received some really cool feedback. I’m far from being known by the prog rock community, but those who have listened, purchased or pirated and contacted me have given me plenty of inspiration to keep going with the concept.

I’m also currently writing a screenplay for a video game that is in progress. Something I haven’t done before. It’s good to experiment with every little adventure.

Take care!