Some Audio Design and Production Tips

IMG_20180118_104720_651.jpgHere are a few valuable tips I have used over the last few of music production I figured I’d share. Do what suits you and find your own style, but this is what works for me and I’ll be sure to keep posting various things that I think may benefit aspiring amateurs and home-studioers alike.


  • Don’t add too much of anything
  • Listen to your mixes on as many systems as possible (use fancy headphones / crap ones / use your car stereo / even use your TV)
  • Mono your bass
  • Expand your mids
  • Leave the faders alone. Mix with Pan and EQ.
  • Never overmix your drums.
  • If within 45 minutes your mix isn’t progressing, remove parts or change the arrangement.
  • The key of the song definitely does matter. Don’t be lazy and decide to do it in E standard tuning just because. Experiment with half-step or full-step tuning.
  • Turn off your computer and leave your mix for a few days, come back with a fresh mind
  • Record vocals in stereo
  • Try a low-pass filter on a delay